Maker SL is dedicated to helping you bring your imagination to life. We specialize in taking your dreams from paper to reality. We can design and fabricate whatever your imagination brings your way. Whether it’s plastic, wood, acrylic or metal, we can make it happen.

Sonny Lowe has over 35 years of work experience with the last 25 in the AEROSPACE INDUSTRY. With backgrounds in Design, Prototyping and Manufacturing, turning your dream into reality has no limitations.

Maker SL utilizes the most advanced machinery to complete your projects, to include FFP 3D Printing, SLA/DLP 3D Printing, Laser Cutting – Engraving – Etching, Vinyl Cutting, CNC Milling.

We love taking on new projects, and we want yours to be our next, whether it’s our design or your own, let us help. Use our Contact Us to take the first step to bringing your dreams to life.