I have officially become part of the Openbuilds Team as a “Staff Member & Resident Builder”. This a great opportunity for me as it efforts me the ability to share even more ideas with a great community of builders.

Openbuilds is a great resource of information for anyone wanting to build something, everything from CNC Machines and 3D Printers right up to Niko’s the super creative Egg-Painter Robot (you need to watch the video…it’s so cool).

As their tagline says, “Dream it – Build it – Share it”, that is truly what this site is all about, people sharing ideas through an open source environment.

You can check out my current builds HERE and watch for future builds as well.

Thanks again to Mark and staff over at OB for such a wonderful opportunity to do what I love…make stuff 🙂


Exciting News for MakerSL and Sonny Lowe
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